Car Steering Wheel Control DVD 2din android Window Bluetooth Button Universal wireless steering wheel remote control

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1, the latest design modeling,
2, beautiful appearance,
3, Universal product, suitable for all car Android DVD player and suitable for all 2 din car DVD player
4, wireless remote control player, you can answer the phone, you can add or subtit.
5, all key functions can be customized to set its function,
6, a total of 6 keys can be customized to set the function,
7, easy to install it, enhance driving safety,
8, if your car DVD player has steering wheel control function, OK, this product is suitable for your car DVD player use, I promise!
Installation instructions:
1.Unload the DVD player.
2.Pls find the steering wheel key control plug and ground wire of the DVD player.
3.Then checking the note of each color line for the remote receiver:
A.Red line as accessory/ switch
B.GND wire as black ground
C.KEY 1(Blue) KEY 2(White) 
Find the original steering wheel control plug of the vehicle, and connect it to steering wheel control wire block. If the DVD player only have one steering wheel control wire, pls connect the blue & white wire to this line.
4.When the wires are connected, go to DVD player steering wheel setup menu, press the keys on steering wheel for three seconds, select the corresponding functions on the screen.